In particular I remember a scene in the Khartoum Diem market after sun set. The market was still very lively with people drinking tea and coffee. The market was lit by florescent tube lighting which gave a very harsh light against the darker sky. These lights were hung with bundles of wiring between the market kiosks. They were spread out in a grid over the market place. The lights in particular caught in the corner of my eye. They kept signalling to my brain that I was in an over lit theatre set and if I were to just walk behind the metal sheds I could be backstage, to find the crew and technicians rigging up the stage. In my body I was aware that this was not the case but it was as if I couldn’t turn it off in my mind, It felt as if it was always just on the upper right hand side of my brain. This was actually the edge of my field of vision. As if I was to turn my head quick enough I would see what I was thinking. But it was always a trail following behind me each time my eyes moved over the surrounding landscape. I felt I had a parallel awareness of where my body stood and what it was doing and where my mind stood and what it was doing.